Newly Inflatable Car Shelter Tent Capsule Showcase Arch

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Best Price Newly Inflatable Car Shelter Tent , Car Capsule Showcase , Arch Tent Showcase

These very affordable inflatable car covers places your vehicle in a car capsule for full indoor or covered outdoor protection. Specially designed for cars and motorbikes.

These car storage storage systems have been developed to provide a stable environment for your valuable vehicle.
Airflow circulation around your car

Airflow circulation around your car is active 24 hours per day via a long-lasting small electric fan. Similar systems were originally developed in the UK by Carcoon and later as a Car Capsule in the USA. This version is up to two-thirds less expensive than most systems and easy to repair (with tape).

Simple to use in 3 steps:-
1. Drive In – Lay out the base mat, drive on it
2. Inflate – Simply zip on the cover and turn on the fan as the car bubble inflates before your eyes.
3. Protect – Once inflated your car is safe from everything; condensation, damp, dust, vermin, falling objects and rust and much more.
Your car is stored in a car capsule with flowing air, this is the total package when it comes to protecting your car. It will not only keep the dust off, but will protect your vehicle from rodents, bugs, hand marks and even falling objects.

Your Car Bubble will:-

Keeps your car dust free
Keeps rodents and bugs out
Protects from outside damages
Maintain that great showroom look
Keeps the car fresh and free from condensation inside and out
Easy to use


The Car Capsule car storge bubble is so easy to use! You won’t believe it! And that’s just an added bonus when you see how well your vehicle is locked away from evil elements like corrosion, rust, dust, dirt, dings and even finger prints. The indoor car storage capsule is a clear vinyl bubble that completely seals and protects your from the elements that we all fear. It will leave you with the assurance that your investment is well protected.

At the heart of the CarCapsule is a 12-volt, high-pressure fan. It provides continuous airflow to keep your vehicle or motorcycle dry. Temperature inside the car bubble remains constant and consistent with outside air. The evaporative storage system keeps your vehicle dry because the air changes inside the bubble 3 or 4 times every hour. This prevents any moisture from condensing on your vehicle.

Your car is more than just a means to an end. Yes, you drive it to get from point A to point B, but it’s also a work of art, an investment and a prized possession. You would never knowingly leave it vulnerable to inclement weather or any other threat that may harm it. Are you proactively protecting your car with a cover or another form of protection, though? If not, you can do so by investing in an inflatable car cover—and gaining peace of mind in the process. A car bubble shields contents from the elements and can also ensure your auto stays dry and dust-free with an internal fan.
Storage That’s Affordable

If you are looking for way to keep your car protected from corrosion, fire and rust, there are a range of options you might explore. Plenty of storage units offer these benefits for a monthly fee. Often, though, the price is exorbitant and demands a recurring investment that adds up quickly. A car storage bubble offers comparable protection that is far more affordable and convenient. Keeping your auto in a car capsule is the best option for affordable temporary or long-term storage. With options made from vinyl, plastic and PVC, our selection offers only the very best.
Professional Quality Protection

A bubble car cover is certainly more affordable than other car storage options, but can it offer the same level of protection? This is a question that will obviously inform your decision—price is not the only criteria that matters when it comes to keeping your car safe. A car capsule can indeed provide an incredible level of protection. Many models can withstand impact of five pounds or more, and with circulating fans, your car is kept safe from moisture and mold. This level of protection is suitable for auto hobbyists and professionals alike. Don’t compromise or overpay when it comes to keeping your car safe.


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Brand Name:
qinda inflatable
Inflatable Trampoline
Model Number:
Age Range:
2-4 Years
Age Range:
5-7 Years
Age Range:
8-11 Years
Age Range:
12-15 Years
Age Range:
Age Range:
> 6 years old
Age Range:
> 8 years old
Age Range:
> 3 years old
Age Range:
< 3 years old
4*2*2/5*2.5*2/5.5*2.8*2 meters (LWH)
Inflatable Car Capsule Dust Proof
Life Span:
Over 3 years

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