Green Environmentally Friendly Inflatable Avocado Adult Swimming Tube Ball Extra-large Fruit

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Item Specifics
Product Details

Product (sample) parameters

[Product name ]:Avocado swimming ring

“Product Specifications”: 160*120 *

“Product Parameters”: 0.25 environmentally friendly pvc

“Material color”: Green (can be customized by color card)

Instructions for ordering

{Inflatable products have the following precautions in daily use}

1. Do not approach sharp things, such as thorny plants or pointed stones and blades.

2. When using, add a base cloth under the inflatable product to prevent sundries from being punctured.

3. Do not use it as a lifebuoy.

4. Keep away from flames or high temperature items.

5. When the temperature is high, do not place the inflated product that expands and closes the valve in a car or tent.

6, do not touch sunscreen oil or alkaline drugs.

7. Please place it where the pet cannot touch it.

8. The air nozzle part is hard and should be avoided during rest.

9. Do not expose yourself to sunlight for a long time. Ultraviolet rays will slowly damage the material on its surface.

{How to repair inflatable products}
A, repair needle eye:
If your inflatable product is accidentally pierced by a needle or wood, it is the easiest to repair:
1. Air the product back cover to reduce the gas flow in the bed;
2. Take out the glue in the bag and drop a drop of glue on the needle eye;
3. If the needle eye is large, take a toothpick, apply the glue with the tip of the toothpick, apply it to the damaged needle eye, and then apply the glue to the needle eye;
4. The repair is completed and will be inflated after four hours.

B, repair scratched or hot
If your product is accidentally scratched by a knife or burned by a big hole, please do not panic, in the following order, you can make up:
1. Air the product back cover to reduce the gas flow in the bed;
2. Find the patch material in the warranty bag and cut a piece, which should cover the broken seam sufficiently;
3. Apply the glue to the destroyed place, press the patch, and glue the edge seam of the patch;
4. Apply pressure to ensure that there is no gap on the rubber surface and press it firmly with smooth and heavy objects;
5. Wait eight hours before inflating and repair.

C, suede repair
1. Carefully clean the repair area;
2. After drying, take out the patch and cut it, cover it on the destroyed surface, and allow a little more around it;
3. Apply a layer of glue to the patch and damaged surface, and glue the edge seam of the patch to ensure thorough sealing;
4. Press it firmly with smooth and heavy objects;
5, press tightly with heavy objects, press until 24 hours later to inflate, repair completed.

D, other matters:
1, remember not to inflate too much (especially in summer), do not exercise too much on the product, otherwise the pull band in the product will be overloaded and broken, resulting in the product drum bag and cannot be repaired, can only be scrapped.
2, repair glue is a chemical, do not touch the eyes or swallow.


Huizhou Licheng inflatable toy products are limited. They were founded in 2006. At that time, the name of Jiangmen was Shengya. In 2010, they were relocated to the Golden Zone between the mountains, the deep and the ears-Changning town, Boluo county, Huizhou city, there is a Guanghui Expressway, a Guanshan highway, and it is adjacent to Guangdong Mingshan-Luofu Mountain. It has a superior geographical position and extremely convenient transportation.

Our main pvc inflatable products, the products are generally divided into four series:

One Category: Leisure Products: such as: inflatable bed, inflatable leisure sofa, inflatable swimming pool, beach ball, float, inflatable advertising supplies, tumbler, pvc clip net pool, etc.

Category II: Sporting Goods: such as: water bb seat, swimming ring, water inflatable animals, inflatable boat, air drift boat, ski circle, etc.

Three categories: advertising gifts: such as: Beach advertising balls, inflatable pillows (air pillows, beach pillows), various product inflatable models, etc.

Floor area: 12000 m² square meters, covering an area of 7000 m² square meters. Number of employees:-, management personnel, quality inspection personnel, design personnel, total number of business personnel 20-30.

Advantages: it depends on the sincerity of a group of high-quality merchants for many years; strong design team, fast and exquisite, stable old employees, skilled, to ensure accuracy and quality; engaged in the industry for many years, experienced and efficient work; perfect inspection system, quality can be strictly controlled; have unique experience and production process for environmentally friendly 15ppvc products and tpu products.

All colleagues take “unity, dedication, communication and hard work” as the principle of action, adhering to the business philosophy of “customer first, forge ahead” and adhering to the principle of “customer first, provide high-quality service to our customers and create value for our own existence!

Credibility, we pursue higher

Hey, we are pursuing faster

Quality, we pursue better

Service, we pursue further

In line with the service tenet of honesty, customer-oriented and quality-oriented, we firmly believe that in the near future, the footprint of “Licheng” will spread all over the world, because we not only have strong strength, more confidence and will.

Li Cheng looks forward to your inquiry and!



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